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David Kaplan
Executive Director

J.T.M.: New Product Launches

Product development in K-12 requires continuous innovation to meet customer and consumer needs while maintaining compliance with ever changing regulations. JTM has products in multiple categories. This requires extra effort to innovative appropriately and avoid product failures.

The Alliance K-12 Process

The key to success is the combination of insights from customers - Alliance Director Network - and credible support from alliance management which has a track record of success and reputation for open and honest feedback. JTM conducts product evaluations at alliance K-12 Thought Leadership Conferences with the alliance director network. These evaluations involve product sampling, surveys to capture feedback and qualitative discussion.


Alliance K-12 Solution

The result has been a discontinuing of a product category, Fundles, and a launching of successful products such as Four Cheese Cavatappi and many more.

"I enjoy Alliance K-12 conferences because I learn so much from the candid discussions. The honesty and passion from you and all the directors help my team to become better."

- Quincy Wiley, Pilgrim's Pride