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David Kaplan
Executive Director

Tasty Brands: Visual Brand Refresh

The positive impact of the Tasty Brands unique and effective approach to the K-12 business and serving customers was being held back due to an outdated logo and color palette.

The Alliance K-12 Process

The key to success is the combination of insights from customers - Alliance Director Network - and credible support from alliance management which has a track record of success and reputation for open and honest feedback. Insights from the Alliance Director Network were shared with the client at Alliance K-12 conferences during the solutions workshop event. Alliance management tapped into its years of brand marketing experience by reinforcing this feedback during strategy meetings with the client. Citing previous success, Alliance management recommended the client utilize an external subject matter expert and traditional marketing tools as briefing inputs. A Tasty Brands positioning statement was developed by Alliance management. The client selected a branding agency to develop the work. Alliance management participated as a team member.


Alliance K-12 Solution

This is one reason why the Alliance adds so much value. Even with 25 plus years of experience of introducing many, many products, I still count on feedback from the Alliance to make sure that new products are hitting the mark with our customers.  

"This is exactly why the Alliance is great. I have personally invented hundreds of new products, positioned them, sold them, and still sometimes can’t see the most basic of observations without customer feedback."

-David Horowitz, Tasty Brands